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=                                                                      =
=	        	   BOUNDARY LAYER			       =
=                   IN A VERY LARGE NUMERICAL BOX		       =
=                          Re_theta = 2780-6650			       =
=								       =

                    THIS SITE IS IN SPAIN, EUROPE
References:        [1] M. P. Simens J. Jimenez, S. Hoyas, Y. Mizuno,
(Numerics+Coding)      "A high-resolution code for turbulent boundary layers"
	               Journal of Computational Physics
	               Volume 228, Issue 11, 20 June 2009, Pages 4218-4231 
                   [2] G. Borrell, J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez 
                       "A code for direct numerical simulation of turbulent boundary 
	               layers at high Reynolds numbers in BG/P supercomputers" 
                       Computers & Fluids, Volume 80, 10 July 2013, Pages 37-43 

References:        [3] J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez, R.D. Moser 
  (Data)               "One-point statistics for turbulent wall-bounded flows at 
                       Reynolds numbers up to \delta^+\approx2000"  
                       Phys. Fluids 25, 105102, 3 October 2013 
	           [4] J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez, R.D. Moser
	               "Two-point statistics for turbulent boundary layers and channels 
	               at Reynolds numbers up to \delta^+\approx2000"
	               Phys. Fluids 26, 105109, 28 October 2014 

Before final publication of a paper citing these data [3,4], please
check this site for an up-to-date reference.


statistics   --> Standard average profiles in wall-units.

balances     --> Averaged energy balances in wall-units.

xgrid-data   --> Variables as a function of the x-position.

fields       --> A collection of fields stored in primitive 
	     	 variables and HDF5 format. 

1D-spectra   --> 1D energy and enstrophy spectra and cospectra
                 as function of streamwise  wavenumbers, and
                 of wall-distance.

1D-PDF's     --> 1D probability density function.

Correlations --> 2D sections of the 3D two-point spatial correlations
	     	 of the velocity, pressure, and vorticity
	     	 fluctuations.  3D data for the velocity and pressure
	     	 correlations at one single Reynolds numbers and

                 See the README.txt file of each directory for further

UPDATE history:

07-10-13: First version of statistics uploaded.
10-11-13: First version of 1D-spectra uploaded.
22-01-14: The folder "fields" has been restructured
	  to include a collection of snapshots.
15-04-14: First version of the probability density functions
14-05-14: Matlab structures added for the statistics and
	  balances, which contain the same data that the 
	  original ASCII files.  
15-10-14: First version of the two-point correlations uploaded.