Oscar Flores PhD's webpage

Here you can find a link to my PhD thesis, as well as a few images and videos showing the results I obtained for my PhD in the Computational Fluid Mechanics Lab, in the UPM. Please, cite [4] if using any of them.

The web site associated with my current position at the UC3M can be found here .

Curriculum vitae

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  1. The dynamics of the outer region of wall-bounded turbulence / La dinĂ¡mica de la zona exterior en la turbulencia de pared
    Flores, O. December 2007. PhD thesis Universidad Politecnica de Madrid, Spain. Advisor: J. Jiménez. [link] [pdf]
  2. Hierarchy of minimal flow units in the logarithmic layer
    Flores & Jiménez. Phys Fluids, 22 (7) pp 071704 (2011). [link] [pdf]
  3. Vorticity organization in the outer layer of turbulent channels with disturbed walls
    Flores, del Álamo & Jiménez. J Fluid Mech, 591 pp 145-154 (2007). [link] [pdf]
  4. Effect of wall-boundary disturbances on turbulent channel flows
    Flores & Jiménez. J Fluid Mech, 591 pp 145-154 (2006). [link] [pdf]
  5. The large scale dynamics of near-wall turbulence
    Jiménez, del Álamo & Flores. J Fluid Mech, 505 pp 179-199 (2004). [link] [pdf]