DNS Turbulent Boundary Layer Data

Low-Reynolds Numbers

High-Reynolds Numbers
Last updated in October 2014


Single large-scale structure extracted from the turbulent flow.
The structure is visualized as the isosurface of the streamwise velocity for
an instantaneous realization of a turbulent boundary layer at Re θ=6500.


3D representation of the correlation of the streamwise velocity fluctuations: Cuu
Boundary layer at Re θ=4850 and y'=0.6δ. The flow goes from left to right.
Isosurfaces are shown at Cuu=-0.09 (white),+0.09 (turquoise), +0.4 (yellow) and +0.8 (blue).

J. A. Sillero, J. Jimenez and R. D. Moser
"Two-point statistics for turbulent boundary layers and channels at Reynolds numbers up to δ+≈2000"

Phys. Fluids 26, 105109, 28 October 2014