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The files in this directory tree contain statistical data extracted from 
direct numerical simulations of fully developed ZPG Boundary Layer
flow (Re_theta=2780-6650) 

References: M. P. Simens J. Jimenez, S. Hoyas, Y. Mizuno,
	    "A high-resolution code for turbulent boundary layers"
	    Journal of Computational Physics
	    Volume 228, Issue 11, 20 June 2009, Pages 4218-4231 

            G. Borrell, J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez 
            "A code for direct numerical simulation of turbulent boundary 
	    layers at high Reynolds numbers in BG/P supercomputers" 
            Computers & Fluids, Volume 80, 10 July 2013, Pages 37-43 
            J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez, R.D. Moser 
            "One-point statistics for turbulent wall-bounded flows at 
            Reynolds numbers up to \delta^+\approx2000"  
            Phys. Fluids 25, 105102, 3 October 2013 

	    J.A. Sillero, J. Jimenez, R.D. Moser
	    "Two-point statistics for turbulent boundary layers and channels 
	    at Reynolds numbers up to \delta^+\approx2000"
	    Phys. Fluids 26, 105109, 28 October 2014 

Before final publication of a paper citing these data, please check
this site for an up-to-date reference.

This directory contains 2D-sections (XY, XZ, ZY planes) of the 3D
two-points spatial correlations of the velocity, pressure and
vorticity fluctuations.  Correlations are defined as:

			         < a'(x,y,z)*b'(x',y',z+dz) >

Correlations are computed at three different Reynolds numbers
Re_theta={4024,4857,6507} along different wall-distances. One-point
statistics at these particular Reynolds numbers are within the
statistics folder. Read the README.txt files for each of the cases.
Those files are written in plane binary, in HDF5 format, and as a
Matlab structure.

In addition to the 2D data, 3D data is included for a single height,
y'=0.6*delta_99, and for the velocity and pressure correlations
Please report any problems with the data to J.A. Sillero,